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boeffard: 27 Jan. 2014 22:50
to advance an agricultural machine belt I have a push button and a potentiometer in the cab to vary the driving speed of the manure spreader treadmill, I have an electronic board in a 12v box that sends it back to the hydraulic gearmotor, but the potentiometer that works no longer influences the card. I don’t know if it is a speed or power regulator that


hydraulic regulators

for speed regulator, a flow regulator is required
to regulate the force, a pressure regulator is required, 
the power regulation is generally only on hydraulic pumps, so that the pump flow rate is adapted to the diesel engine power so as not to make it stall, for this reason it measures the pressure at the pump outlet.

proportional hydraulic troubleshooting

there can be at least 4 different failures, potentiometer hs, electronic board, which is often in your case is basically a simple power amplifier, the proportional coil which receives a current from the board and the hydraulic component, which in your case is logically a flow regulator, to know if the hydraulic component is in good condition, supply it with 12 volt, if it is its nominal voltage, then put a resistance in series, another coil

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